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ARTHUR was an 8 month project which focused on tackling the issues of global electronic waste (e-waste) and planned obsolescence. Alongside thorough research, an experimental hands-on approach was adopted to develop a solution that could effectively contribute to combating e-waste.

Combating E-Waste and Planned Obsolescence

Developing a new modular computer system


The Problem

E-waste has become one of the fastest growing waste streams on the planet. Every year, up to 50 million tonnes of e-waste is discarded in the developed world and the high cost of recycling means governments and companies must quietly find alternatives to getting rid of it.

Project Summary

ARTHUR aims to slow the accumulation of e-waste by introducing an alternative, modular system for the personal computer. ARTHUR allows users to seamlessly upgrade and replace components without any prior computing knowledge.

User Investigation

A variety of investigations were conducted to assess the computer knowledge of a small sample group. This enabled me to discover real computing habits of real users, which helped push the final design to meet the needs of those end users.