DePuy Hip Surgery Tool System


This was an 8-month group project commissioned by DePuy Synthes to develop innovative surgical tools for hip replacement surgery. The main focus of the brief was to improve the usability of the tools from the surgical teams perspective, alongside reducing surgery set-up time and improving cost.

Medical Device Development 

Increasing efficiency and usability for the surgical team



From mock surgeries, in-depth tool studies and disassemblies to meetings with surgeons, scrub nurses and field experts, we managed to gain a solid understanding of the hip replacement process, in order for us to make interventions in the most effective areas. 


Over the course of the project hundreds of ideas slowly converged into one final concept. This was done through an iterative approach of sketches and discussions, mock-ups and testing, CAD models and testing, 3D printed working prototypes ... followed by more testing.

Final Outcome

The final outcome was to completely re-design the major hip replacement surgery tools as well as changing how they are presented. This incorporates a folding toolbox concept with assistive trays that work in conjunction with the re-designed tools.