MyShell - Collapsible Market Shelter


MyShell is a collapsible market shelter that can sufficiently withstand the elements. It can be assembled five times quicker than traditional market shelters and is significantly cheaper. This design tackles the problems of long set-up times and limited portability that many market stall owners face.

Working to Scale

Re-thinking the traditional market shelter


Sketch Modelling

This project went from being an idea, to a cardboard model to an initial prototype in only a few weeks. Sketch modelling allowed the idea to exist in 3D for minimal cost, which meant its form and function could be quickly evaluated and improved upon before any costly prototyping.

Initial Testing

The initial scaled prototype was put through its paces by exposing it to windy conditions that may be common in a market environment. This testing allowed us to consider certain aerodynamic and structural properties of the design, before moving onto a final prototype.

Final Prototype

The final prototype was made at a 1:5 scale due to cost. MyShell consists of an 8-stage assembly process which promotes ease and speed. This benefits the user by saving large amounts of time as well as simplifying the strenuous assembly associated with the traditional market shelter.