The 12th Man - A project to unite deaf and hearing football


“The 12th Man” is an instantaneous feedback system used during indoor football training sessions. The aim of the project is to rebuild the barriers of communication between deaf and hearing footballers, to provide them an equal opportunity to train with the best coaches and players possible. This is achieved through a combination of an app, tracking cameras and aerial video projections.

Human Centered Interaction Design

Improving training and performance through instantaneous feedback


User Research

Working with Spartans FC, Barnet Deaf Football Club and Twickenham Hearing Support Group, I was able to learn about the various users who this project would affect. It also allowed me to devise a solution which considered all of their needs in a holistic, inclusive manner.

App Design

The app consists of basic functions so a coach can construct tactical ideas. These are then projected onto the field, so the players can carry out the drills. This replaces the need for speech, making it possible for coaches who don't know sign language to share their expertise with a wider group.

SkyCam Technology

This system requires the use of overhead cameras and projectors integrated with the app to realise the instantaneous feedback element. I am currently preparing this project so it can be pitched to SkyCam to help push the development of "The 12th Man" to the next stage.